How do I setup hotlink protection?

  1. Login to your cPanel 
  2. Scroll down to the security section 
  3. Click on hotlink protection 
  4. At the top, you can toggle hotlink protection to be enabled, or disabled 
  5. Below this, you can enter urls that are allowed access 
  6. Next, you can specify which file types to block 
  7. Here we have blocked a series of image file types 
  8. The allow direct requests checkbox, allows users to see the image if they enter the full URL of the image in a browser 
  9. This may need to be checked in some cases, such as when a visitor is viewing something in QuickTime 
  10. In the last field you can redirect any hotlink to a URL of your choice 
  11. In this example we are redirecting to a jpg 
  12. When you are happy with the settings click submit to save them.
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